King Lear

Re-told by Debs Newbold

Tell me my daughters…which of you shall we say doth love us most?

Dark and challenging, epic and shocking, human and uplifting. With this explosive, emotive retelling of the legend of Lear, King of the Britons Debs Newbold channels her love of Shakespeare’s language to whip up a great storm that will snatch you from your seat and send you hurtling into its bloody centre. Created for a sell-out show at The Hay Festival, performed to acclaim at Shakespeare’s Globe, this is a storytelling event you cannot miss.

Watch the trailer here.

“Terrific…brilliantly igniting our imaginations”

Patrick Spottiswoode, Shakespeare’s Globe

“Just the most amazing offering of Shakespeare I’ve seen in some while; fresh, playful…real”

Spread the Word

“An utterly fantastic adaptation and a wonderful, disciplined, skilled and effortless performance”

Xanthe Gresham, Storyteller


Lost in Blue

By Debs Newbold

He pressed his ear to the wall of the blue room-straining to hear himself…

On her 18th birthday, Annie becomes convinced that she’s responsible for the accident that has left her father in a coma for the last 15 years. Funded by Arts Council England, Debs Newbold’s compelling new show ‘Lost in Blue’ is a funny, uplifting, poignant and at times downright bizarre performance of innovative storytelling fuelled by playful sound technology.

“One unfeasibly talented woman.”

Views From The Gods

(15+; approx 90 mins long)


Under Her Skin

By Debs Newbold & Laurel Swift

An epic tale told in an intimate way, Under Her Skin is the story of a family: three lost souls at sea in the maze of modern Britain. A theatrical explosion of joyful irreverence, poetic wordplay and killer bass riffs, this magical piece of ‘verbal cinema’ is:

“…a glorious, raucous, joyful show which manages seamlessly to combine the raw energy of dance, earthy social realism and the magic and wonder of myth.”

Giles Abbott

Watch the trailer here.


Photographer: Alex Merry

Tales from the Bawdy Bardess

By Debs Newbold

A consummate teller of tales, Debs Newbold knows the meaning of the word ‘bawdy’. In this masterful piece of ribald ‘stand-up storytelling’ you can cock an ear to three of her most frolicksome medieval tales; one English, one French, one Italian; all roll-off-your-chair funny.

Chaucer, Boccaccio and the anonymous writer of a fruity French Fabliau get a womanly reworking in this intelligent and rollicking set of stories that has had packed houses clutching their sides and reaching for their Canterbury Tales, and inspired one man at Towersey Festival to dub her “…the female Les Dawson…amazing!”.

“The best storyteller in all the kingdoms…an incredible and rare talent.”

Becky Burchell, Bestival.

Please note, this show has been lovingly (and cheekily) crafted for audiences 17+.


Photographer: James McDonald


Re-told by Debs Newbold

Come and be pulled deep into the world of The Bard’s darkest tragedy by the unique contemporary storytelling voice of Debs Newbold.

From worthy warrior to marked man, from hero to murderer; Macbeth’s fate is set from the start in this tense and magical re-telling of Macbeth; the third in Debs’ trilogy of re-imagined Shakespeares. Originally commissioned by the Hay Literary Festival, a total sell-out at Shakespeare’s Globe last year and the talk of Sidmouth festival 2014, this is an unforgettable, shimmering work of performance storytelling that will haunt you for a very long time to come.

“The best storyteller in all the kingdoms…an incredible and rare talent.”

Becky Burchell, Bestival

“Unmissable. Quicksilver movements and a sense of humour make her compulsive viewing and listening…”

Hector Gilchrist, eFestivals


Romeo & Juliet

Re-told by Debs Newbold

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep…. Pitting the Montagues against the Capulets, Debs catapults her audience into the torrid streets of Verona in this poignant, emotional and often uproarious retelling of Shakespeare’s tale of starcrossed lovers.

Originally commissioned by Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, this remarkable reworking will immerse you in both Shakespeare’s incomparable verse and the warm poetic storytelling that is uniquely Debs’ own. A sell-out at both Sidmouth Festival and the Hay Literary Festival.

“…a rising star. She is quite simply a phenomenon.”

Hector Gilchrist, eFestivals

“Spellbinding. Wonderful…Debs’ version is absolutely brilliant!”

Hay Literary Festival


Tales from the Dark Highway

By Debs Newbold

What shapes dance through your twilit dreams? One woman is running, another is lost, a third doesn’t want to be found. Debs Newbold’s spellbinding show pitches highway robbery, lost love, Death and the Devil himself together in the thin space between night and morning.

“A great show…She is luminous on stage”

Nell Phoenix

(15+; 75 mins long)


Photographer: Alan Hinton