05/02/2018, tbcKing Lear RetoldGreenwich Theatre, London
06/02/2018, tbcKing Lear RetoldGreenwich Theatre, London
07/02/2018, tbcLost in BlueGreenwich Theatre, London
08/02/2018, tbcKing Lear RetoldThe North Wall, Oxford
09/02/2018, tbcKing Lear RetoldRiverhouse Arts Centre, Surrey
11/02/2018, tbcKing Lear RetoldRopetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham
06/10/2018, tbcTales from the Bawdy BardessVictoria Hall, Radstock
07/10/2018, tbcKing Lear RetoldDorchester Arts Centre


04/02/2016, 8:00pmTales from the Bawdy BardessMarine Theatre, 
05/02/2016, 8:00pmTales from the Bawdy BardessThe David Hall
06/02/2016, 8:00pmTales from the Bawdy BardessChurchinford Village Hall 
07/02/2016, 8.00pmKing Lear RetoldVictoria Hall
10/02/2016, 2.00pmRomeo & JulietForest Arts Centre 
06/06/2016MacbethShakespeare's Globe - Education Conference
09/06/2016WORDS FestivalHelsingor, Denmark
10/06/2016WORDS FestivalHelsingor, Denmark
11/06/2016WORDS FestivalHelsingor, Denmark
12/06/2016WORDS FestivalHelsingor, Denmark
21/06/2016, 11.15amMacbethFLY Festival University of East Anglia
22/06/2016Romeo & JulietPetchey Academy, London
09/04/2017, 3.00pmKing Lear RetoldMondavi Theater, Davis, California
18/05/2017Alden Biesen Storytelling FestivalBilzen, Belgium
12/05/2017, 8.0pmKing Lear RetoldStubbing Wharf Upstairs
07/06/2017, 7.30pmTales from the Bawdy BardessDuke of York, Lichfield
17/06/2017, 3.00pmKing Lear RetoldWanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
04/07/2017, 8.30pmLost In BlueCentre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
26/08/2017Shows tbcTowersey Festival
29/09/2017, 7:30pmKIng Lear RetoldSquare Chapel, Halifax
19/10/2017, 7:30pmKIng Lear RetoldThe Civic, Barnsley
01/11/2017, 7:30pmKIng Lear RetoldFeast of Fools, Delapre Abby, Northampton
08/11/2017, 7:45pmKIng Lear Retold + Q&AAberystwyth Arts Centre
09/11/2017, 7:45pmKing Lear RetoldTheatr Hafren, Powys
16/11/2017, 7:30pmMacbeth RetoldMr Rook's Speak Easy, Frome
07/12/2017, 1pmA Concert for WinterShakespeare's Globe
17/11/2017, 7:30pmMacbeth RetoldBridport Arts Centre
18/11/2017, 8pmTales from the Bawdy BardessBridge Inn, Topsham


11/03/2016, 7.30pmFraser Hall, Cowan Bridge
12/03/2016, 3.00pmIngol Library, Preston
02/04/2016, 8.00pmStudio at Clair Hall, Haywards Heath
11/04/2016, 8.00pmQueen’s Theatre, Hornchurch
22/04/2016, 8.00pmSquare Chapel, Halifax
23/04/2016, 7.45pmCast Doncaster
28/04/2016, 8.00pmEvergreen Hall, Broadwell
05/06/2016, 5.00pmRoundhouse London
04/10/2016, 8.00pmRopetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham
05/10/2016, 7.30pmForest Arts Centre, New Milton
06/10/2016, 8.00pmWest End Centre, Aldershot
07/10/2016, 8.00pmRiverhouse Arts Centre, Walton-on-Thames
08/10/2016, 8.00pmMercury Theatre, Colchester
03/11/2016, 8.00pmBrewhouse Arts Centre, Burton-on-Trent
04/11/2016, 7.00pmMatlock Storytelling Café Matlock
05/11/2016, 8.00pmDrill Hall, Lincoln
08/11/2016, 7.30pmThe Arts Centre, Ormskirk
03/12/2016, 7.30pmQuatt Village Hall (Shropshire Rural Tour)
04/12/2016, 3.00pmWightman Theatre, Shrewsbury